Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Faces in the dark.

As promised here are a few pictures of my what's on my painting table, I apologize in advance for the photo quality it's been awhile since i've taken pictures of anything hobby related especially while being sober! Regardless here are a few sneak previews.

When I first started to create this unit for the army I was going to use some of the corsairs from another regiment to fill out their numbers. But as I searched through my bits box I noticed I had quite a few corsairs! The champion is a bit blurry but it is a corsair from 1995(?) I believe.

Along the way of collecting I guess I just bought a lot of something and someone decided to throw a random assortment of old Dark Elf minis. Yes this assassin doesn't have the flair of his newer cousins... But there is something about a 'dagger' that is more akin to a short sword that has appeal. No flashiness or fancy pose this guy is all business.

Another unit that came from my infamous bits box, I needed a ranked unit in the army and had painted ten warriors with shields to use as a throw away in the last Dark Elf book. I ran out of the old warriors but I found some Wood Elves with spears and decided to draft them to the dark side. The result is a sixteen elf unit made to take charges, I am still missing the banner of the unit as I am trying to find something suitable..

This brings down my to do list for the tourney to:
-Jotan Woe Bringer both versions (details)
-Sculpt and paint 5 sets of wings for demonettes into harpies project
-Geothe sculpt/add a few things before priming and painting
-Last but not least base a few minis and add snow effects to the whole army.

On monday I tried to go the local Games Workshop for a game but I went too early and there was only a 40k player up for a game. This made me realize I should attempt to bring both a 40k army and a Fantasy army just in case next time. Though I am not a big fan of 5th edition I am starting to come around ever so slowly, it doesn't hurt that I want to see my dream of an ALL old school (RT/2nd ed) ork army!

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