Sunday, January 4, 2009

Invasion of the Coasts: Part 1

Goethe waited till the ogres retreated back to their camp to rise from the pile of bodies where he hid himself. He was almost discovered by a gnoblar rounding up spare weapons but before it could squeal Goethe removed it's head in one swift motion. Out of thin air the demon sorcerer Sameth U'el appeared, Goethe was neither surprised or amazed at the fact that the sorcerer lived. Sameth was bound to the magical trinket that Goethe held in his possession, it had survived many centuries and had many masters Sameth serving each of them faithfully if not disdainfully. After all what demon would enjoy going back formless to the aether?

"That is the last time I deal with those filthy ogres!" exclaimed Geothe as he made his way back to the camp. The ogres would attempt to attack the camp if they could only stop from gorging themselves of the freshly fallen...

This was a game between my Dark Elves and Hoj's Ogre Kingdoms as you can tell from the brief description things did not go well for the Druchii this game. I even said it would be a bad game for me when I was unpacking my army and Goethe's sword broke, yes I believe in omens. Especially when I can attribute my army completely being wiped out because of a failed stupidity check. Yup i was preparing my chariot inching it closer so that Hoj would not be able to flee far enough. But luck can't always work in your favor right?

Without my flanking chariot to keep Hoj on the back foot i had to take frontal charges by ogres all by my lonesome. I must admit that my corsairs and Goethe held out many a round against a unit of Iron Guts with a Butcher (augmented by some spell of course). Soon after the whole line crumbled and it was only a matter of time, the terrain didn't favor me much essentially having to stand off against much tougher opponents unsupported. High elves and Dwarves would have loved the position but my army relies on attack or bait charges while my hammer units get ready. c'est la vie i suppose.

I also managed to play a game using Hoj's Ogre Kingdoms army but Mike's High Elves quickly put an end to that! No major highlights of that came what so ever I played poorly and four bolt throwers will make sure I pay the butcher's bill for it. Ah well I just wanted to try out ogres purely out curiosity. Curiosity sated so moving on..

I'm starting to work on the orcs, there is loads of small green stuff work to do on them. I have decided to go with an asian/mongol look for them. So mustaches/beards and fur brimmed hats are in this season! I have more or less hammered down what i want to try out in the next game I even made a few movement trays to make things easier... now where did i put that sculpting tool...

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