Monday, January 19, 2009

Invasion of the Coasts: Part 3

Even the screams of the captured high elf prisoner could not put a smile on Goethe's face. He had lost another battle... and not just against those pitiful humans or unwashed masses of greenskins. But against the Asur the most hated foe of the Druchii, how would Goethe explain failure to the witch king. Especially now with an assassin in the midst of his army!

The assassin managed to take on a regiment of Asur archers in the blink of an eye, as if he rode a cloud of darkness leaving severed limbs in his wake. Goethe could almost say he admired the assassins work if he didn't fear losing his life for displaying such failure on the battlefield.

Goethe paced around in the tent before picking up a curved blade and running his finger across the blade. In one swift action he stuck the blade into the prisoners abdomen "I think I'll make a new cloak!" Goethe exclaimed to himself as he quickly began his grisly trade...

Ouch another game my poor Druchii have lost that's 0-3 for the '09 season! Mike played a good game his army is slowly evolving to what he likes best and that is pretty good. Before his armies tended to be VERY magic heavy while now he takes a heavy shooting army with a solid magic defense. His list from memory:

Swordmaster special character
Mage lvl 2 dispel scroll, vauls unmaking bound item
Mage lvl 2 dispel scroll, anulli crystal (takes PD turns into DD)

Archers x10
Archers x10
Spearmen x20

White Lions x20 full command and banner of sorcery
Sword Masters x20

Repeater bolt thrower x4

I learned a few things in this battle, first and foremost the assassin is quite the bad ass and that is even when I forgot that I can re-roll EVERY turn not just the turn that I charged. Also because of the magic defense of my two main opponents I realize that I need more power dice in order to slowly overpower them. I keep forgetting or just do not see an opitimal time to use the Banner of Cold Blood so I will drop it.

During the battle against the high elves I realized how much I am not keeping to the priorities that were winning me games before. Main combine and concentrate missile fire, use units to block line of sight to more important things. But most of all play cautiously but don't be afraid of risks. Magic is most effective during the first two turns of the game, if i could close the gap and not allow magic or shooting to take a higher toll on my troops I should be able to weather the storm just a little bit better.

I moved around some points but as of now the new list is...

Goethe (master) w/ halberd, blood armor and pendant khaeleth
Sameth U'el (sorcerer) w/ lvl 2, dispel scroll and darkstar cloak
Nimue (sorceress) w/ lvl 2, seal of ghrond and dispel scroll
Jotan Woe Bringer (master)w/lance, heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, shield and dark pegasus

Corsairs x14 w/ full command
Corsairs x12 w/ musician and champ
Crossbowmen x10 w/ shields
Crossbowmen x10 w/ shields
Spearmen x16 w/ full command
Harpies x5
Harpies x5
Assassin w/ additional hand weapon and cloak of twilight

Cold One Chariot
Cold One Chariot
Executioners x12 w/ musician and champ
Shades x9

Repeater Bolt Thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower

It's almost the exact same list all I did was take a Darkstar Cloak for the extra power dice. I dropped the Banner of Cold Blood and picked up a corsair making the unit of 15 to 14 and the unit of 10 to 12. My army does not rely on static combat resolution but rather hit and run tactics to weaken the enemy. '

I just finished priming a few odd corsairs to round out my unit, I am still considering on converting the second champion I am not a fan of duplicate models. Pictures coming later tonight I was looking through my photobucket account and noticed I had previously snapped a few pictures of my dark elves... till then off I go making "magic" cards hehe.


Hoj said...

I know as the resident Dwarf it's hard for me to say (especially even more since I turtle) have your BT shoot at his BT, send all harpies and Woe into BTs - once you take those out then 60% of your problem is gone. Also, try revealing your assassin and flying him around on turn 2 or 3. Always use 2 dice to cast the gain more dice spell. Also drop lore of death and take lore of shadows b/c there are movement spells in shadows. This is what they told me on Bugman's:
'ITs up to you- I'm a big fan over combat and its something you quickly notace about fantecy compared to 40K, you will get in combat and its combat that is weather you win or not rather than shooting (Though shooting helps)'


'Be aware though, that your opponents will hate you for the gunline. If you're reasonably lucky, you can shatter a lot of armies within a few turns, and Panic tests will drive them from the board...not a lot of fun that way for your opponent, and not a lot they can do about it either. You're also very vulnerable to fast armies that don't have to worry about Panic tests, and I suspect that a very average VC player will move straight ahead, ignore the shooting as best he can, and clean you up in close combat.'

With that said, movement is clutch for you. Take Shadows, take magic items that move you, and make him waste DD so that at least some of your movement spells / bounds go through. I'd also up your harpy squad sizes right now, they are too tiny to take out a HE bolt crew reliably in 1 turn with their ASF rule and you are subject to having to flee.

Hoj said...

When you pick up the phone say Dana Gordon, my wife's in the car.