Saturday, January 17, 2009

Invasion of the Coasts: Part 2

In the mountain passes of the dwarves bodies of the dead and dying dark elves littered the ground all the dwarf dead were taken to be given proper burial. Goethe enjoyed watching the carrion birds hover over the dead even if it was at the expense of his own army. At least he had managed to escape any major harm from the dwarves as for the rest of the army... well they were expendable.

He could still hear the damnable ringing that the dwarven anvil made each time it was struck. Thunder seemed to belt out from the skies and even made the stunted dwarves move alarmingly fast! A shade approached Geothe interrupting his thoughts, though usually an almost suicidal task he brought good news to Geothe in one word... "Asur".

Hoj's List:

Rune Lord Anvil of Doom GW, SH, RoStone, RoSpellbrk, RoFurnace, MRoBalance
Thane BSB, MRoGrom, RoPreservation, RoFire, RoFurnace, RoStrike
Dragon Slayer
Warriors x21 FC, SH
Longbeards x21 FC, SH, Battle, Stoic
Quarrellers x10 SH
Hammerers x20 FC, SH, Stoic
Miners x10 Champ
Gruge Thrower Engineer, RoAcc, RoPen, RoBurn
Bolt Thrower Engineer, RoPen
Bolt Thrower Engineer, RoBurn
Organ Gun
Total Point Value = 2245

Going into this battle I was more worried about Hoj's artillery rather than his infantry, but I learned the hard way that dwarven infantry is nothing to mess around with! Between both units of harpies and Jotan I managed to take out all of his warmachines fairly easily, though he suffered a severe case of "rubber lance syndrome" when he tried to attack the rune lord... To his credit Jotan might of died but his mighty pegasus managed to wound the runelord and run away a round or two later.

Magic was ineffective because of 8 dispel dice to my 5 though one or two spells got off they weren't enough to really take note of it. I'm seriously thinking of dropping the banner of cold blood (which I have no idea when to use it..) and a corsair champion or corsair to get the darkstar cloak (+1 Power Die to caster).

My chariots as always rarely die though they are starting to slack in the killing department. They would go into a unit cause a few casualties break, rally, rinse and repeat. But other than that To 5, Sv. 3+, Ld 9 AND WS 5 has made a real bane to anyone looking to take them on.

Without argument the turning point of the game was when the anvil sent a unit of long beards (with thane bsb) barreling into combat eliminating two units in one swift stroke. Without my bolt throwers (who were taken out by the anvil..) I couldn't soften up the dwarven infantry units enough to make an real damage to them (to lose their ranks and lower their numbers a bit).

As I said before I am still getting used to the fact of playing with my 1500pt army that barely lost to fighting and losing my battles. But at least it's a fun obstacle learning how to handle more units and the intricacies of the rules at the same time.

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Hoj said...

That dumb mage was ran down and killed every game - he has to die!